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Hurt in a Freeway Accident?

Our Murrieta Freeway Accident Attorney Offers Strong Representation

Multiple vehicles traveling at high speeds on California’s busy I-15 and I-215 result in preventable freeway accidents every day. As a result, people involved in accidents may become confused as to how to divide up any automobile insurance. Additionally, because freeway accidents involve vehicles traveling at such high speeds, highway accidents tend to cause the most damage compared to accidents on roads with lower speeds. Further, severe and fatal injuries are more likely in an accident on the freeway. An experienced Murrieta freeway accident attorney can help you get the compensation you deserve for these losses.

Attorney Steve Gnau has been representing victims of freeway accidents in California for over 20 years. Our professional legal team knows how difficult this time is for you and your loved ones. The significant toll of these crashes is not lost on us. We will do everything in our power to protect your rights and advocate for you and your family’s best interests.

What Does a Freeway Accident Lawyer do?

Vehicle accidents are life-changing and confusing, especially when one happens on California’s highways. A freeway accident requires diligent investigation and analysis to determine liability from all parties. With our years of experience, our law firm knows what steps to take to preserve the details of your accident. We will gather evidence, contact witnesses and provide counsel to help you deal with insurance companies. Our firm knows how to analyze all factors of an accident to help us file a claim on your behalf.

We know what you are going through and the challenges you face. We will provide personal attention and honest advice about your legal options. Our firm wants you to feel prepared to make the best decisions that will help you and your family move forward. We represent serious or fatal car crash victims in Murrieta, Temecula, San Bernardino, Fontana, Fallbrook, Redlands and throughout California. Whether your accident happened on the 15, 215, 138, 210 or 330, we can help.

What Are Common Causes of Freeway Accidents?

Through careful investigation of your unfortunate event, our attorney can determine what factors contributed to your accident. We focus our expertise and use every resource available to determine what caused your vehicle accident. Some common causes of freeway accidents our firm looks for include:

  • Faulty Maintenance: If your car has been repaired in the recent past, negligence on the part of the auto shop may have contributed to your accident. We can have your vehicle inspected by an expert and determine if any repairs were mishandled.
  • Negligence: Rideshare partners such as Uber & Lyft drivers may be looking at their phone instead of the road. Additionally, commercial vehicle drivers have tight schedules that can cause them to become sleep deprived. Texting, eating while driving and other forms of negligence can also contribute to your case.

Questions about Freeway Accidents? Our Murrieta Freeway Accident Attorney is Here to Help

Life after an accident is never easy, especially after collisions on the freeway result in devastating injuries. Take heart in knowing that you do not have to go through the aftermath alone. We can provide strong guidance and experienced representation throughout your personal injury case. Our goal is to help you through this process however we can. All our forms are available by email or through our secure online portal, so you can complete them at your convenience instead of during our first meeting.

Murrieta freeway accident attorney Steve Gnau provides compassionate and strong dedication to every personal injury case. He can identify who is responsible for your injury in an accident or who is at fault for death of a loved one. Our firm is not afraid to prosecute your case against large insurance companies, corporations or other negligent parties. We fight to make sure you receive the medical care you need and the compensation you and your family deserve after a serious or fatal car crash. Call 951-370-1111 to schedule a free case evaluation or contact us online. If needed, we are able to meet with you outside of our office to discuss your case.