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Are You Involved In a Car Accident on a Military Base?

Our Murrieta Military Attorney Defends Servicemen and Women

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As a military service member, the last thing you need is fallout from a serious auto accident. Unfortunately, car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions are common, even on military bases. For military service members, this can create a difficult situation as you try to file an injury claim. Federal and state law may overlap, causing confusion over how your personal injury lawsuit should be handled. Therefore, if you find yourself in this situation, then you should get help from an attorney who has experience with military car accidents. Our Murrieta military attorney can help.

Whether your accident occurred on or off a military base, our Murrieta military claims attorneys can help. Since founding our firm in 1995, we have protected the rights of accident victims. With a team of professionals, we scrutinize evidence and call of witnesses if necessary. We use every resource available to protect your rights. Our lawyers believe that all servicemen and women deserve the right to compassionate, diligent and genuine representation.

Why Do I Need a Car Accident Attorney After a Crash on a Military Case?

After any kind of car crash, including military car accidents, it can work against your best interests if you attempt to resolve your accident claim without a lawyer. Without experienced legal counsel, you may receive far less than the full value of your losses. Usually, victims do not realize that they are leaving money on the table until it is too late — if at all. This typically happens when you settle without understanding the full extent of your injuries and how much they are worth. Our California military claims lawyers will thoroughly investigate your accident. We take the time to explain your options so that you can make informed decisions about your case.

Service members involved in car crashes, motorcycle accidents and other vehicle collisions have the same rights and remedies as civilians. This includes the right to hold negligent parties financially responsible for vehicle damage, physical and mental injuries and financial losses. Depending on the nature of your accident, you may be entitled to compensation. Further, there are often special considerations for military service members who are involved in accidents on and off base. Our attorneys are familiar with these issues and we will make sure that your claim is handled appropriately.

When Should I Call a Military Car Accident Lawyer?

In any auto accident case, it is important that you act quickly. Evidence may disappear and potential witnesses can be hard to find. The sooner you act, the greater your chances of a successful settlement or verdict. By building a strong claim, you preserve the maximum potential value of your personal injury settlement. Our personal injury attorneys understand that your time is valuable. Working with a team of professionals, we gather the data necessary to bring a swift and favorable resolution to your claim.

If you have returned to duty after leave or shore leave, then we can handle your personal injury claim remotely. This is also possible if your military spouse is involved in the accident. To the extent that we need your involvement, we will work on your schedule. We understand the importance of minimizing the visibility and impact of your accident. Our military claims lawyers have represented clients in thousands of auto accident cases. We have the experience and reputation you need in order to obtain the best possible outcome from your accident.

Speak with a Murrieta Military Attorney Now With a Free Consultation

Have you experienced a serious car accident? Has the negligence of someone else resulted in injury to you or a loved one? Do you have questions about your rights as a member of the military? No matter the details of your claim or where your accident occurred, we can help. Our Murrieta military attorney has won cases against negligent and reckless drivers for decades. We can help you identify if a manufacturer, repair shop, commercial entity or local government entity contributed to your accident. Then, we can assist you in filing a claim against all liable parties.

California is home to many military and marine bases. Camp Pendleton, Assault Craft Unit One, March ARB and other bases provide our citizens with a sense of security. You should have that same sense of security as a military member. You dedicate yourself to serving our country and we are dedicated to serving you. Our personal injury lawyers can help you at any stage of your car accident. For no cost, we can review the details of your car accident and let you know what options are available. Schedule your free consultation today by calling or contacting us online.