San Diego Bicycle Accidents Attorneys

California bicyclists have the same rights as vehicle drivers on public roadways. However, even when riders are observing the rules of the road, drivers - especially on city streets - often fail to give adequate cushioning and acknowledge cyclists' right of way. Our bicycle accidents attorneys in San Diego, CA have handled countless bicycle personal injury claims since 1995.

When a car or truck causes a collision with a bicycle, the rider often has to undergo hospitalization, seek extensive rehabilitative therapy, and miss substantial time from work. Worse still, it does not take much for a bicycle accident to turn fatal. If you or a family member has been seriously injured in a San Diego bicycle accident, the attorneys at the Traffic Accident Law Center will fight for the compensation you deserve.

When You Need an Experienced San Diego Bicycle Accidents Lawyer

Due to the exposure inherent in riding a bicycle and the substantial mass of cars, trucks and buses, even collisions at relatively low speeds can result in severe injuries. Riders in downtown San Diego often face substantial and even life-long consequences when hit by a negligent driver.

In most bicycle accident cases, you will be up against a big insurance company or a major corporation with more than enough money to either compensate you or vigorously oppose your claim. These entities will often hire medical experts to attempt to prove that either (i) your injuries were pre-existing, (ii) your injuries are not as bad as you say they are, or (iii) your injuries were not caused by the driver's negligence. Our San Diego bicycle accidents lawyers have an in-depth understanding of the medical issues involved in personal injury cases, and are frequently able to rip apart the claims of defense medical experts.

Keys to Avoiding Bicycle Accidents

When riding a bicycle on the road, there are a number of things that you can do to help decrease your chances of being involved in a serious accident. These include:

  • Making sure that you are visible to vehicle drivers at all times
  • Riding with traffic, and obeying stop signs and traffic signals
  • Avoiding weaving, lane-splitting, and intermittent use of shoulders and parking lanes
  • Wearing a well-fitting safety helmet

For more information, please review the California DMV's tips on Sharing the Road.

Of course, even if you follow the rules of the road, maintain visibility and wear a proper helmet, there is still no guarantee that drivers will be attentive and respectful enough to avoid causing a collision. The good news is that if you do all of these things and a negligent driver still manages to hit you, our San Diego auto accidents lawyers will have a much easier time proving your claim for damages.

Contact a Bicycle Accidents Attorney in San Diego, CA

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the Traffic Accident Law Center today. Our San Diego bicycle accidents lawyers have more than twenty-five years of combined experience, and you can trust them to put your interests first and see your case through to the end. If you have been injured as a result of someone else's negligence, the attorneys at the Traffic Accident Law Center will not stop fighting until you obtain the compensation you deserve.