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How many children are hurt in auto accidents?

Motor vehicle wrecks can shatter the lives of anyone involved. However, it can be especially difficult for some people and their families, such as young children. Even though there are ways that parents can try to protect their children, such as ensuring that they are seated in a car seat properly if they are an infant or toddler, it is not always possible to prevent an accident or the disastrous consequences that may follow. As a parent, it is important for you to realize how widespread auto accidents that injure children truly are.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 121,000 kids who were age 12 or younger were hurt in a traffic accident during 2014. Moreover, accidents that occurred in 2015 claimed the lives of 663 kids in the same age group. Aside from the failure to use car seats or booster seats properly, many of the children involved in these accidents were not wearing seat belts either.

Discussing a motor vehicle wreck with your kids

Traffic collisions can destroy lives in all sorts of ways and bring up various challenges. Lives are lost, leaving whole families with emotional pain and financial burdens, while many more victims are injured and have their lives thrown off track. For those with children, these accidents can be especially difficult. For example, a parent may not be able to participate in activities with his or her child or provide them with the financial or emotional support they need after a crash. If you have a child, it is important to answer any of their questions and think about how to discuss the situation with them if you think that such a conversation is necessary.

It is important for you to reassure your child that you love them and try to provide them with a sense of security. Sometimes, a child loses his or her parent in a crash, which can be unbelievably hard to work through and talk about with a child. If your partner passed away in an accident it could be incredibly painful and difficult to approach this topic with a child, but it is very important for you to do what you can to make things easier for them, if possible.

Fatigue and motor vehicle crashes

Many recognize that the consumption of illicit drugs or alcohol can impair a driver's abilities and are a common reason why traffic collisions take place. However, there are far more causes of these wrecks, some of which may be harder for people to detect. Aside from distractions, such as a cell phone or loud passenger, these crashes are also caused by driver fatigue. There are many reasons why a driver may become fatigued and it is vital for you to keep an eye out for signs that you are tired. Unfortunately, many people are also struck by fatigued drivers and have the rest of their lives thrown off track due to someone's drowsiness.

When people have to stay at work late or work over the course of the night, their ability to drive could be impeded. Moreover, those who have to wake up very early in the morning to commute to work or school or who fail to get enough sleep may also pose a risk to others on the road. Drivers can also become very drowsy due to certain prescription medications. Unlike alcohol consumption, detecting fatigue can be more difficult. If you think that you are too tired to carefully pay attention to the road and drive safely, it is important to avoid getting behind the wheel.

Financial abuse in nursing homes

Those who reside in a nursing home may have to work through a number of challenges, whether they have anxiety or a sense of sadness, among other difficulties. Regrettably, some people are subjected to various types of abuse in nursing homes, which may consist of verbal, physical, or sexual attacks. Furthermore, some abuse may be more difficult for victims and their loved ones to notice, such as financial abuse. Our law firm firmly believes that those who carry out financial abuse and other forms of mistreatment in nursing homes must be held liable.

So, how can a nursing home patient be abused financially, anyway? There are different ways that a nursing home employee, or another individual for that matter, may decide to financially abuse someone. For example, they may coerce them into providing account information or steal their identity. In some cases, those who live in a nursing home may be unable to look out for themselves and fall victim to the hands of an abuser. Moreover, abuse that is financial in nature can be difficult for the relatives of nursing home residents to detect, since it does not carry the same indicators as physical abuse might, for example.

Do you have a wrongful death claim?

Your spouse was in a fatal accident on the California freeway. A distracted driver caused the collision, and you may be wondering whether that person can be held responsible for all the harm the crash did to your family. FindLaw notes that the circumstances may warrant a wrongful death claim, according to the California Code of Civil Procedure. 

A judge would want to know some facts about the incident that caused your spouse's death. Primarily, you will need to show that it was the distracted driver's negligent behavior that led to the fatal injury, although you do not necessarily have to prove this beyond reasonable doubt. Instead, you merely need to prove that your claim is most likely true. You also need to show that you and your children are suffering financially because of the death, and that there is a personal representative appointed for your spouse's estate.

Splitting up the house after divorce

Dividing assets in the event of a divorce is tricky business. In most cases, it's easy for both partners to agree on living separately, but what about key assets such as the family residence? With sentimentality and memories attached to a home, dividing it or determining who gets to stay or not is one of the most complicated parts of a divorce settlement.

Selling the home

Traffic lights and the risk of an accident

We have gone over many of the different factors that can contribute to a motor vehicle accident on this blog. For example, many people realize the risks associated with operating a vehicle while intoxicated or when the roads are icy. However, there are other less common accident causes, such as traffic lights that are not working properly. Unfortunately, even if you drive responsibly and carefully pay attention to any potential hazards, another driver could fail to use common sense and cause a collision.

When traffic lights stop working, even for a very short amount of time, the chances of an accident can increase significantly. Other drivers might abruptly move through an intersection without taking time to look out for other vehicles. Also, drivers may become confused with regard to whose turn it is to drive through. Traffic can become backed up and the road can become very chaotic. In addition to traffic lights not working properly, an accident may occur due to bad signage. For example, a sign might be hard to see or here could be some other issue related to the sign that increases the likelihood of a crash.

Piecing your life together after a commercial vehicle crash

From delivery trucks to vans and buses, there are various types of commercial vehicles. Unfortunately, there are certain risk factors that can increase the chances of a crash and spin the lives of innocent people upside down. For example, a company's negligence could cause an accident, such as failure to maintain commercial vehicles properly. Or, a commercial vehicle driver could be pushed to work for excessively long hours, resulting in fatigue that affects their driving abilities. If you were hurt in an accident, our California firm understands the hardships you may be working through and we believe it is vital for you to pursue any resources that could help you recover.

From lost wages due to an injury that keeps you from work to pain and mental trauma, these accidents can be life-shattering. Worse, some people are never able to make a full recovery and their difficulties also cause problems for those they love. These collisions have turned the lives of entire families upside down and it is vital for those hurt in accidents caused by negligence to seek justice.

How to determine if a dog's aggressive behavior can be corrected

People often make excuses for their dogs' behavior, but if you have been attacked by someone's pet in California, those justifications may add insult to injury. Our law firm understands that people who have been injured by an animal have the right to be taken seriously.

According to The Association of Professional Dog Trainers, in some cases, a dog just needs some training, while in others, the best choice may be to euthanize it. The determination for this is typically based on the evaluation of the wound you sustained.

Re-homing: When your kid wants to live with the other parent

Child custody can be one of the most difficult things to handle during a divorce proceeding, and it can become even more complicated when after custody has been decided, the child later wishes that they could live with the other, non-custodial parent.  In the article "Dealing With A Child Who Wants To Change Residency," by the Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center, it is said that the cause for a child to want to change custody is often due to emotional conflict between the child and custodial parent. 

"When a child's needs and desires to be with the non-custodial parent are stronger than the desire to be with the custodial parent, this is a clear sign that the child is having emotional conflict and that something is not right in the relationship with the custodial parent."

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