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Restoring normalcy after a slip-and-fall accident

From motor vehicle collisions to hospital errors, people become hurt in all sorts of ways. Our law firm also knows that people across California may be hurt in a slip-and-fall accident. While many people are familiar with these types of accidents occurring on slick floors in grocery stores, it is important to keep in mind that slip-and-fall accidents take many forms and occur in a variety of locales. If you have been hurt after falling down due to a slippery surface and your daily life has been upended, you should go over all of your options as you try to find a return to normalcy.

Sometimes, employees slip and fall down in a restaurant or another type of workplace accident because of carelessness. On the other hand, someone may become injured after slipping on ice that was not attended to or because of a leaky pipe that was left unaddressed. These accidents may occur in casinos, office spaces, grocery stores, outside of businesses, and in many other settings. However, the pain and challenges that a victim may face can be incredibly difficult, regardless of where and how the accident occurred.

Would you ride in a self-driving taxi?

Public transportation plays an important role in traveling the streets of San Diego, as do ride-sharing and taxi services. Whether you ride the bus or call a car to take you to or from an event, you trust the driver of the vehicle to ensure that you have a safe trip. But what if the car has no driver?

According to CNBC, researchers believe that you will have the option to take a fully autonomous taxi within a few years. Indeed, companies such as Google and Uber have already developed self-driving vehicles and have been testing them on roads in select states across the country, including California. However, these tests have not been without incident, and the resulting crashes involving autonomous cars may make many people uncomfortable being on the road alongside these vehicles, much less riding in the passenger seat.

What to expect about California child custody laws

Many aspects of divorce are complicated. Perhaps the most difficult, especially emotionally, is dealing with child custody matters. Understanding child custody laws in California can help you to make rational and informed decisions that are best for your family.

General child custody determinations

A closer look at the rights of a nursing home resident

Every year, hundreds of California families rely on professional nursing home facilities to house, care for and monitor their elderly loved ones. While many of these families put significant time into researching establishments that have positive reviews, abuse in nursing homes is not unheard of.

For families seeking the highest quality care for their loved ones, it is imperative that they understand what the rights of their loved ones are. According to medicare.gov, some of these rights include the following:

  • Suitable medical treatment and care
  • Access to and participation in scheduled activities
  • Allotted time with visitors
  • Freedom from neglect
  • Representative notification per request
  • Respectful treatment

How do you know if the grocery store manager caused your fall?

When you are shopping for groceries, you are probably looking at the shelves and not at your feet. You trust that the store owner and the manager have done what they need to do to make the floors safe so you can focus on your list. If you do fall and you are hurt because of carelessness, FindLaw explains that you may be able to hold a negligent person liable for your injuries.

You must be able to prove that someone else caused your accident, and one of the determinations for that may seem a bit vague. The court will want to know whether the owner or manager knew, or should have known, that the condition of the floor was dangerous. How can it be proven that someone should have known something?

What should I do if a loved one dies in a car accident?

One situation that you may have never imagined having to deal with is the loss of a loved one in a car accident in Murrieta. Whether you were in the vehicle with them or not, their loss is no less traumatic and life-changing. As you struggle with your grief and any injuries you may have sustained, you may be wondering how you can make the person(s) who caused their death pay. 

You may be eligible to receive compensation for the wrongful death of your relative, states FindLaw. It is in no way comparable to their life. But those funds can help to lessen the degree of financial suffering you and your remaining family members may be experiencing and cover your deceased relative's funeral arrangements. 

Opioids, car accidents, and the dangers we now face

An interesting study performed by researchers at Columbia University highlights how the opioid crisis has far reaching consequences. Many lives are affected by these dangerous and highly addictive prescription drugs, but the use of these substances isn't the only issue. People who are using opioids are out in the world doing other things while on these substances.

And you can probably tell where this is all headed: motor vehicle safety is an issue in this opioid crisis. The Columbia study found some startling evidence that far more people have been found to be on opioids in fatal accidents recently as opposed to decades ago.

Awareness needed to stop nursing home abuse

Families in California may think that because they carefully vetted the long-term care facility they chose for their loved one, they do not have to worry about abuse. However, NPR reports that an ongoing investigation by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reveals serious nursing home abuse is often undetected by authorities. 

The incidents that federal agents have uncovered, many including sexual assault, may only be the tip of the iceberg. Estimates indicate that law enforcement receives timely reports on just 72 percent of serious incidents. Federal law requires anyone who believes a nursing home resident is suffering serious physical harm to call the police and report it within two hours. Even when someone believes the abuse is not putting a resident in danger of a serious injury, it should be reported within 24 hours. 

Understanding the dangers of distracted driving

From the consumption of too much alcohol to reckless speeding, traffic collisions happen for many reasons. In Murrieta, and cities all over the state of California, distracted driving is another serious danger that everyone should recognize before taking to the road. These distractions take many different forms and can cause a crash which leads to death or devastating injuries. As a result, drivers have a responsibility to avoid any distractions that can leave victims with a multitude of challenges.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that over 3,470 lives were lost as a result of distracted drivers during 2015. Even aside from fatalities, a staggering number of people are hurt in these collisions. In fact, distracted driving caused 391,000 injuries throughout the same year. From lost wages to medical bills and funeral costs, these accidents can cause numerous financial difficulties also.

As kids return to school, be the adults in the room

For most school districts in California, the end of August means the beginning of the school year. Schedules need to be re-adjusted and special room made on family calendars to make room for school activities. The first weeks of September can be challenging for any family. When divorced parents are trying to stay on a strict parenting schedule, the special considerations at this time of year can seem overwhelming.

Some tips for avoiding unnecessary conflicts

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