Protecting Victims Of Motorcycle Accidents

At Gnau & Tamez, our attorneys are dedicated to protecting motorcyclists injured in accidents in Murrieta, Temecula and the surrounding communities. We will fight to help you obtain the compensation you deserve after a crash.

As a motorcycle rider, attorney Steve Gnau knows the risks motorcyclists face on the road. Mr. Gnau appreciates and advocates for the rights of riders because he is one. He is passionate about your case and is uniquely in tune with the issues involved in your case.

Know Your Rights After An Accident

No one deserves to be injured by someone else's reckless or aggressive driving. You are entitled to recover for the costs and other losses you sustain as a result of the accident in California. We will advocate for your rights and file a claim against all liable parties.

We take motorcycle accident claims seriously. We represent clients injured in accidents caused by:

  • Negligent and bad drivers
  • Drunk drivers
  • Blind spots
  • Lane splitting
  • Misalignment of motorcycle

Determining Liability

Who can be held liable? This all depends on the specific factors in your case. We will thoroughly investigate to determine all parties responsible for the crash. This may include other motorists, insurance companies, government entities, manufactures of motorcycles or helmets and mechanics. Every case is unique and should be diligently evaluated to build a strong case.

Our lawyers often work with other professionals when building your case. This may include working with accident reconstructionists, mechanics, investigators and medical experts. We are here to protect you. We use our experience and reputation to provide effective legal representation to help you and your family obtain the best possible recovery.

Contact Us To Schedule A Free Case Evaluation

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